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Hello everybody/pony/mony/antimony and welcome to my page!

ArsFatalis was born in a huge country in Eastern Europe. This country, despite being rich with wonderful nature and historical sights, has been unfortunate throughout it's whole long history. That fact and a few other factors have strongly affected the whole life of Fatalis.

Since she can ever remember herself in this vale of sorrow, Fatalis was always busy with drawing. She drew everything she saw around herself and in her bright and happy head, dashingly learning, and the others admired her talent (whatever they call talent). She was called a wunderkind and a prodigy through her childhood, full of incredible discoveries and adventures.

Fatalis has always been in a struggle with the outer world and the society. Being very intelligent and gentle for her age, she was teased and bullied in kindergarten, and then in school. Being unable to do any harm to the others, she became an easy target for all the contempt, envy and blind hatred her society could hold. Who knows what would happen with her during her uneasy transition to adulthood if she didn't keep an everlasting, evergrowing and neverfading passion in her heart - a passion of an artist.

She drew, she drew and she drew. Her creations and a developed headworld amused everybody who had a chance to meet her, and that made Fatalis quite a notable person in her narrow range of family members and friends. Now, Fatalis is an aspiring artist and writer. She is mainly focused on graphic design and illustration, but any kind of medium and themes is subservient to her talent (again, whatever they call talent), which she will never stop developing.

Fatalis doesn't like expatiating on her character traits and personal life details. If a stranger wants to learn more about her, the only way of satisfying their curiousity is a friendly chat. Fatalis isn't hostile to any person, and she will never be. In fact, she loves making new friends and aquintances.

Advanced knowledge: Ukrainian, Russian;
Intermediate knowledge: English;
Basic knowledge: German;
Wants to learn: Polish, Italian, Finnish.

Where else do I reside?
Tumblr - a huge work in progress, will be used for crappy sketches and fun.
Facebook - for chatting internationally!
Weasyl - no idea why.
WeUa - for Ukropian m8s.
VK - wuttufuk I didn't even.
FurNation - I was drunk, me no wanties to bee there anymoar.
FlightRising - (neglection)
Dragcave - (extreme neglection)
Skype - ars.fatalis

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Going down by ArsFatalis
Going down
Featuring Stinger
Late Winter, Year 759 of the New Age
Windborne, very close to Glenmore

An accompanying art piece for The Crossing

Sting: "Oh my, oh my, oh my, oh my, IS THAT A WATERMARK?!"

The Year. by ArsFatalis
The Year.
:cd: ---

Long awaited update:
Okay... I really can not resist the temptation of telling about how I feel about all... this.

For many of the humans, that might seem endlessly far away from their lives, their comfort zone, their whole understanding. Wars, famine, death - all that happens and used to happen throughout the whole history of the humanity. Before all this year's events in my country started, I would never leave that nasty shell of comfort in my brain. Country looks like a pile of organic waste? Ah lol, we are "brothers", we are used of living in a pighouse. Dark pages of history? Ah lol, nobody cares. Speaking, thinking and being Ukrainian? Lol, "mi że Russkie!".

The conflict between the two nations, two separate ideas had existed for centuries, and this year has just made it seeable for the rest of the humanity. It is like a destruction of the giant abscess, yes, the pus flooding the whole world. Not for long, for you to know.

I am not going to blame here anyone who might be responsible for the half-millenial fight between the two nations. I am not going to exterminate the carriers of the opposing ideas either physically or mentally, or in both ways, and none of the people around me, be it my friends, relatives or schoolmates, wants that. Nobody wants that.

Don't believe the mass media - they all lie. Don't easily believe the people - their opinions are extremely subjective. Don't try to find all the answers in history books - they are written by people with subjective opinions to please the politicians. The only thing you should believe is your eyes. My eyes opened wider than anytime before, and I saw lots of new.

I be stronger than anytime before, because I started to believe in myself, my nation and the humanity. I want to believe that even the systems rotten to the root can be revived. I want to see it. And I need to start from renewing myself. Everybody needs.

P.S. It's my self-portrait.
I ain't gonna be original.

This film is genuine. Really.
Not that the wonderful music (by Hans Zimmer, I guess..?), visual effects, and actors (MacConaughey is yumyum, as always), but the mere idea. The best way for me to express it right now is to put there some remade quotes of unknown authors (but who cares about copyright? These quotes are the property of the humanity!):

We all are made of star dust. Every atom of our body was born in the depth of the distant stars. The stars died in order to give us life.

And, for we are made of star dust, born of space, we are the way space gets to know itself.

Our ought is to collect and order the whole empirical experience of our ancestors to preserve it for the next generations of humans.

There is no God other than a Human and the Humanity.
Who cuts the strings by ArsFatalis
Who cuts the strings
Okay. I suppose many of you suspected this would happen sometime on someearth.
I want to wish happy Geburtstag for one of my favourite artists out there, who is Skia.

Khm khm, the rant starts.

I would say pretty much nothing about my feelings if the rapturous "Your work is wonderrrfulll" left my mouth and/or spawned in this description. Your works, however hollow, simple, or unartistic (which they are not) they may seem to the others, are amazing to me. Despite telling a kind of story, each of your drawings leaves more questions than answers. Some may think it's "stoopeed!!!11one we dununderstandanithin111!!one", but I know that is not true at all. In my veryveryvery humble opinion, the true art must leave people questioning themselves, and therefore finding answers, all unique for each personality. You suceeded in making true art.

When I first saw your works while surfing through the webbies, my soul (whatever they call soul!) clinged to them spontaneously, letting me know its part is somewhere here. At the very first glance, I recalled that special, old-antique-fairytaly-whatever feeling that I used to go through as a child, and which started to die in me as soon as I become a teenager. Warm gamma, old parchment, all foxy and antique - memories flooded my mind, that kind of memories that should not be forgotten. After looking into your works more attentively, gathering the bits of information hidden, putting them together and discovering lots of new images, characters, personalities, I was completely amused how all that replicated everything that I have felt before. That is all because your art questioned me, and I struggled to find the answers, and I have found them, and my spirit freed.

From all this shetload of text-that-noone-will-read-anyway, you may guess I'm not there because or "AAAAA FUXES FAWXES AAA!!!1111111one", but because your creations are pure art. That's not just a sweet talk, that are my true feelings (or, to be precise, 1/3 of what I wanted to type, but I'm having school tomorrow, so take my apologies :P).

And, to finish the rant, I simply want to thank you for everything you did, do and will do.
Thank you.

Sorry for my poor knowledge of English.

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iwana-red Featured By Owner 11 hours ago
дуже дякую за ламу, сестра <3
ArsFatalis Featured By Owner 11 hours ago  Student General Artist
Nie ma za co :meow:
iwana-red Featured By Owner 11 hours ago
Твоя полска дуже гарна, але зі мною пиши ти краще в Українською мовою ;>
ArsFatalis Featured By Owner 11 hours ago  Student General Artist
Добре ;)
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Noctualis Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014
wow you want to learn a lot of languages. Have you found a way to learn some of those? I know a good amount of Polish but haven't found a way to keep learning more (since its knowledge I have from parents speaking it). Also I love your art hehe
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